Assurance Asset Management Ltd (AAML) is a new member in the capital market arena of Bangladesh as a new generation Asset Management Company (AMC) with the aim to provide effective financial solutions to the investors of the country. AAML has been incorporated as private limited company under Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) in October 2012 and licensed as AMC in October 2013 under Securities and Exchanges Commission (Mutual Fund) Rules 2001.

AAML is promoted by a group of local entrepreneurs having knowledge and experience in the field of Banking, Insurance, Accounting, Garments, Textiles, Engineering business etc.

AAML started with a strong and efficient technological infrastructure to bring transparency as well as convenience for the investors.

AAML gives priorities to:

  • Maximum portfolio return with minimum risk
  • Market Oriented Decision Making
  • Secured investment process
  • Customer satisfaction