Investor Guide

How to Invest

AAML Unit Fund is initiated keeping investors every benefit in mind. The fund will make your investing experience in the capital market products of Bangladesh conveniently peaceful. Automated (online based) investing processes will make investors investing process to the fund convenient, safe and hassle-free.

The investing process in the AAML Unit Fund is separated under three distinguished parts;

  • Registration
  • Subscription
  • Surrender

All three parts of investing would be done through the Asset Manager (Assurance Asset Management Limited) or it’s authorized Transaction Agents using a single online platform http://www.aaml.com.bd


Process 1:
Step 1: Download the Registration form-
For Individual
For Institutional
Step 2: Fill the Registration form with valid information and save it as a soft copy.
Step 3: Bring this file to the Transaction Agent with all other necessary documents.
Step 4: Ask the Transaction Agent to proceed.
Process 2:
Step 1: Directly go to the nearest Transaction Agent (TA) with necessary documents.
Step 2: Submit the documents to the Transaction Agent.
Step 3: TA will complete your registration process and provide you an acknowledgement where you will get a unique registration ID. Also a copy of acknowledgment will be sent to your e-mail ID, which has been provided by you during registration.
Step 4: After getting this registration ID you will be ready to subscribe our open-end mutual funds.
Note: 1. To get the E-mail service investor must have a valid e-mail account.


Step 1: Directly go to the nearest Transaction Agent (TA) and inform TA about your intention of buying/subscribing the fund.
Step 2: Tell the TA about your investor’s registration ID, how many units you want to subscribe and also the necessary fund payment mode*.
*Payment Method:
Electronic Transfer: Advice your bank to transfer amounts from your bank account to AAML client account.
Account details
Provided Later.
Mobile Banking: Transfer required amount from your mobile bank account to AAML mobile bank account.
Account details
Available Soon.
Bank Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Pay Order: Provide your documents to the TA.
Step 3: TA will complete your subscription process and will provide you a payment advice. Also a copy of payment advice is sending to your e-mail address.
Note: 1. Your subscribed units will be under pending status, until or unless your payment is received by the Asset Manager to the respective bank account (Bank Details). As soon as your payment is received the pending units will be delivered against your Investor ID.
Note: 2. The transactions will be processed as per the Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit as on the date and time of receiving the request.


Step 1: Go to the Transaction Agent (TA) and Provide investor’s registration ID, and tell TA how many units you want to surrender (from investor holding unit) and also preferable cash receivable mode.
Cash Receive Mode:
Electronic Transfer: AAML will transfer your surrender amount to your bank account (mentioned at the time of registration).
Mobile Banking: If your surrender amount is equal or less than BDT 5000.00 AAML may send it to your mobile bank account.
Step 2: TA will complete your surrender process and system generated surrender acknowledgement report will be sent to your e-mail address.
Note: The transactions will be processed as per the Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit as on the date and time of receiving the request.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Units of AAML Unit Fund, hereinafter referred to as the Fund, may be subscribed and redeemed through AAML (Assurance Asset Management Limited) and authorized Selling/Transaction Agents appointed by the AAML from time to time.
  2. Application must be accompanied by a Cheque/PO/DD/EFT Instruction for the full value of units favoring “AAML Unit Fund (Clients)” and crossed “ACCOUNT PAYEE ONLY”.
  3. All information must be written or typed in Block Letters in English and must NOT be abbreviated.
  4. Joint application by two persons will be acceptable. In such a case, allotment or refund shall be made to the first applicant.
  5. Application must be made by an individual, a corporation or company, a trust or a society and not by a firm, minor or persons of unsound mind.
  6. Any Subscription/Redemption of units will be guided by the rules and prospectus as approved by BSEC.
  7. Redemption application of 10,000 or more units at a time will be followed by a minimum redemption period of 15 days.
  8. Making of any false statement in the application or supplying of incorrect information therein or suppressing any relevant information shall make the Application liable to rejection and subject to forfeiture of Application money and/or forfeiture of the unit before or after issuance of the same by the Asset Management Company. The said forfeited Application money or unit will be deposited in account specified by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC). This may be in addition to any other penalties as may be provided for by law.
  9. After clearance/encashment of cheque/draft/pay order, the applicant will be issued with a Confirmation of Unit Allocation against every purchase of Units he/she/the institutional investor applies for.
  10. Partial surrender is allowed without any additional cost subject to minimum surrender quantity is 10 (ten) Units for both individuals and institutions. Upon partial surrender, the Unit holder(s) will be issued with a new Confirmation of Unit Allocation representing the balance of his/her/their Unit holding.
  11. The Units may be transferred by way of inheritance/gift and/or by specific operation of the law. In case of transfer, the Fund will charge a nominal fee as decided by the Asset Manager from time to time except in the case of transfer by way of inheritance.
  12. Dividend may be delivered in cash or by way of Units under Cumulative Investment Plan (CIP) as the applicant gives option in the application form.
  13. Any further addition and/or modification may take place with permission from Trustee and intimation to BSEC. Any such changes will be notified through publishing in the website of AAML.