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Mutual Fund Management

We believe in a disciplined, ethical and methodical framework based on our research, analysis and efficiency in making investment decisions. We are committed to deliver international standard ethically managed mutual fund management services to our valued investors. We are dedicated to make your journey with us safe and bring a kind of return you really want as an investor. Most importantly, We committed all our services to be hassle free and investor’s friendly.

Institutional Portfolio Management

We are committed to offer a range of specialized investment strategies aimed at capitalizing on market opportunity under our Portfolio Management Services (PMS). We provide unique investment solutions & develop investment guidelines to meet client requirements. Our tailored & optimized investment plans for our clients are based upon their income, budget and ability to undertake risks. Our goal is to protect and enhance our client’s capital to achieve a better financial footing. We dedicate our time and expertise to the construction and ongoing maintenance of investment portfolios to meet the needs of investors seeking trusted services.

Corporate Advisory

We provide classical strategic and tactical advice and unparalleled execution to public and private companies and financial institutions across a broad range of industry sectors. We belive client’s satisfaction as our success.

Our approach in all situations is first and always rooted in serving the client’s best interests, which also means advising a client not to pursue a transaction when it does not enhance their strategic objectives.

Merger & Acquisition

In advising companies on the acquisition of a company or set of assets, we evaluate potential acquisition targets, provide valuation analyses, and evaluate and propose financial and strategic alternatives. We also advise as to the timing, structure, financing, and pricing of a proposed acquisition, and assist in negotiating and closing the deal. Our approach:

  • Target Identification/Buyer Identification
  • Valuation of Target/Equity
  • Due diligence of Target/Negotiation with Buyer
  • End-to-end Coordination
  • Financing options for the Transaction

Divestitures & Sale Transactions

We advise clients contemplating the sale of certain businesses, assets, or their entire company by evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives with respect to the sale, advising on the appropriate sales process for the situation and valuation issues, and preparing an offering memorandum and other appropriate sales materials. We also identify and contact qualified acquirers and assist in negotiating and closing the sale. Our approach:

  • Target Identification/Buyer Identification
  • Valuation of Target/Equity
  • Due diligence of Target/Negotiation with Buyer
  • End-to-end Coordination
  • Financing options for the Transaction

Structured Finance

We serve as an independent, objective advisor in financing situations. At AAML, we help companies raise funds using various financial instruments such as term-loan, syndicated loan in both local and foreign currency, project and infrastructure finance, asset/mortgage backed securitization etc. Our Services:

  • Syndicated Finance
  • Project & Infrastructure Finance
  • Asset/Mortgage Backed Securitization

Joint Venture

We advise clients on joint venture deal structuring and negotiations – from identifying potential partners to pressure-testing term sheets and deal concepts and other regulatory & legal activities.Our market intelligence and relationship with a large number of corporate clients allow us to assist foreign and/or large local companies in finding the right Joint-Venture (JV) partner in Bangladesh. Our approach:

  • Understanding the desired criteria for partner selection
  • Identify potential partners
  • Short-list the best prospects by analyzing compatibility
  • Developing models for equity valuation for the Short-listed firms
  • Arranging required Financing(debt/equity)
  • Negotiation for the client
  • Coordinating regulatory & legal activities

Provident Fund Management

Assurance Asset Management Ltd. is offering Provident fund management services. This service has been introduced to deliver better retirement benefits to the employees at their departure. This service will help strengthen the current social security system of the country. We are currently offering two different services under Provident Fund Management Services.

1. Management of Provident Funds:

We provide day-to-day investment management services to your provident funds to maximize your employees' retirement benefits. We take utmost care to ensure that employees understand their schemes and investment benefits. We support the communication processes by offering user-friendly and informative communication tools. Effective communication services are also provided at both employer and employee levels. These include:

a) Dedicated service hotline
b) Informative Members' booklet
c) Quarterly fund fact sheets detailing the latest fund performance and investment strategy

2. Administration of Provident Funds:

We take full responsibility for the administration of your provident fund, including maintenance of records and accounts, payment of benefits and the issuance of regular statements. The company has been initiating the service to provide a full range of retirement scheme administration services for its clients and is committed to assist clients maximize the simplicity and flexibility of their retirement schemes, while minimizing their administration workload. We offer administrative services as per the guidance of clients' Trustee Board.